California Dreamin' - The Mamas & The Papas

' To New York City Souls '...

Drop this burden called, Desire..

Visit, Chuang Yen Monastery, fifty miles, north of Illusion..

Take the Taconic, through forests of Pine Trees and Lakes..

Carmel is cheek to jowl..

The Park lies between the speeder to destination and the traveler..

Miles of Trees and artists of Architecture ..

Look into the skill of the stone cutter..

Some, become, Artists..

The Prison of Manhattan has entered your Soul..

Come North and experience, Freedom..

The Air and Mind, is Clear...


' California Dreaming ',,,

I am listening to the 'Folk Rock' Group, called the 'Mamas and the Papas',

Attending Technical School in a military base in Illinois during Winter..

It was impossible to Breathe without all moisture freezing..

Of course, we all became ill..

But, this desire to find the Heaven called 'Warmth, Love, and Sun', is, of course desired..

But, years later will create that which is opposite, for experience and learning..

Viet Nam becomes a manifestation within this Dream..

And yet, this same song was played with great appreciation and hope..

We now find ourselves within the Final Destination..

Will we as 'Actors' called 'Ego' continue our 'Plays',

or should we call it, 'Playing'

and return Home?...


' Stay Awake '...

"Keep God in remembrance till self is forgotten,

That you may be lost in the Called without distraction of caller and called."

Divani Shamsi Tabriz, 4
in F. Hadland Davis
The Persian Mystics: Jalaluddin Rumi
London: John Murray, 1912, p. 45

' The Overself '...

The name which will henceforth be here used is the ‘Overself’.

It is consequently from its own Overself that every individual receives the world‑picture.

We have pointed out in earlier books that the Overself has its human habitat within the heart.

Although associated of course with the whole body it has its most intimate association with the heart.

Just as a king’s rule may extend over a whole country and yet it may also be said to be definitely centered in the palace where he resides, so the Overself permeates the entire body and yet is also definitely centered in the heart.

Hence the heart is the focal point where the World‑Mind through its intermediary the Overself affects the personality.

The karmic forces become active within the heart therefore and there break into space‑time existence.

Like light‑photographs on a sensitive film, they develop into a tiny seed‑like thought‑form. This is the matrix of the world-to‑be.

Were this to remain here, then the individual would experience it only in the form of a dream.

Indeed, in an earlier period of cosmic evolution such was the strange way in which the immature human race did pass its existence.

-Paul Brunton

. The Natural Cessation of Conceptualization '...

What almost all Western minds can’t grasp, is that goal of the Madhyamaka and Prasangika emptiness teachings, is the natural and spontaneous (not intended) CESSATION of all conceptualization and mental “grasping for meanings” through thought.

This is like “thinking and conceiving” a rope to be a snake.

When the lights are turned up, it’s seen there is no snake; the snake was a mental construct imputed upon the rope.

Then, the mind naturally ceases thinking “snake”. You don’t have to practice “not thinking about that rope being a snake”.

That is how the natural cessation of conceptualizing occurs too; the mind sees ALL thoughts and concepts are fictions being applied to sensory phenomena (more concepts) or to other conceptual constructions.

You can’t think or cleverly conceptualize your way to nirvana.

Nirvana is already fully present and is known when all conceptualizing naturally ceases.

It’s what remains, but the mind has been too busy chasing and grasping for insights through thought, to notice.

Anything added to what I just shared is just more karmic mind-noise expressed as concepts. What did the Buddha wake up from? His own daydreaming in thoughts and concepts.

Boom! Finished!

-Jackson Peterson‎ to Dzogchen Discussion

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

' Autonomous existence '...

Human beings have no independent or
autonomous existence whether they accept
the fact or not.

And whether they like it or
not, they are being helplessly lived within
the vast totality of an imponderably intricate
creation over which they have absolutely
no control.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar

' The World-Mind consciousness '...

Our innumerable ideas are a kind of division of the mind but do not really involve its exhaus­tion for the ideas not only arise but must vanish back into it.

Al­though the mind perpetually empties itself into thoughts, it is never less itself, never less its own single presence.

Nor are these thoughts separate at any moment from the mind.

In the same way, except that it is not affected by the transiency which affects all thoughts, the Overself is not separate from the World‑Mind.

Every Overself exists in the World‑Mind just as different thoughts exist in one and the same human mind.

The World‑Mind’s conscious­ness may multiply or divide itself a million times but its stuff is not really divisible; it only appears so.

-Paul Brunton

' The egocentric filters '...

Our relative, or human, nature can and does experience meaning or the absence of meaning.

From the perspective of enlightened relativity we both transcend and experience meaning.

Life is experienced as both with and without meaning simultaneously.

The meaning that is experienced is not a philosophical meaning; it is not an idea that we impose upon life.

Rather, the meaning that is experienced is the simple awe and wonder of existence that we experience when we are in alignment with being.

Life is its own meaning when experienced directly and intimately, free of the egocentric filters of separation.

Only the egocentric filters of separation can experience life as negatively meaningless.

The view from enlightened relativity is the coming together of all the opposites into a unitary whole.

-Adyashanti - Enlightened Relativity